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Nancy Vermeulen

Strategic Advisor & Executive Coach

Inspired by years of experience in the aerospace industry

NaviQueen Consulting Nancy Vermeulen

Welcome to NaviQueen Consulting, where strategic leadership meets unwavering dedication and sharp insight!

Led by Nancy Vermeulen, a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning aviation, science and strategic coaching, we embody the resilience, protection and foresight symbolized by the queen bee.

At NaviQueen, we understand the challenges businesses face in today's fast-paced and uncertain world. That's why we're committed to provide tailored strategic coaching services that empower organizations to thrive amidst complexity.

With a focus on diligence, protection and sharp insight, we guide our clients towards sustainable success, navigating together through the challenges of the modern business world and turning them into new opportunities with confidence.

Discover how NaviQueen Consulting can elevate your business to new heights. Explore our website to learn more about our services and approach, and let's navigate together on a journey of growth and transformation.

What we offer

At NaviQueen Consulting, we offer a comprehensive range of services in strategic management and communication, strategic planning, stakeholder management and risk management.

Additionally, we provide leadership training and inspiring keynotes.

With specialized experience in research & development, aerospace and high tech, we are the ideal partner to lead your organization to new heights.

Strategic Management:

NaviQueen Consulting specializes in developing a strategic vision, aligning it with all relevant stakeholders and translating it into concrete management objectives.

We assist with business development and the implementation of ESG, tailored to the unique needs of your company or organization. At NaviQueen, we listen respectfully to every stakeholder in order to translate the strategic vision into realistic goals.

We strive for sustainable growth based on the principles of ISO 31000 and total respect management.

Our goal is to enable people to "excel." Contact us for more info.

Leadership and Personal Development:

Do you want to take your company to new heights? Business coaching can help you achieve that.

With her extensive expertise as a scientist, astronaut trainer and commercial pilot instructor, Nancy guides business leaders and managers in navigating complex situations. Nancy focuses on the goal and provides valuable inspiration to overcome challenging circumstances and turn them into new opportunities.

  • Strategic planning and communication
  • Stakeholder management
  • Strategic advice
  • ESG
  • Risk management
  • Total Respect Management
  • Business process improvement
  • Innovation, Research and Development
  • Business Development

Why choose us

Extensive Experience

Nancy's diverse background in the aerospace sector, as a scientist, pilot instructor and project manager, provides unique insights for challenging issues.

Proven Success

With an impressive track record, Nancy Vermeulen demonstrates her commitment to significant projects, such as leading a Mars simulation mission, establishing a Space Training Academy and her role as an international motivational speaker. Her ability to successfully execute diverse initiatives speaks to her insight and efficiency. NaviQueen transforms your vision into tangible strategies and concrete results.

Personal Approach and Strategic Vision

At NaviQueen Consulting, the customer takes the center stage. We provide tailored strategic solutions that support your specific goals. We promote innovation and growth in an efficient and sustainable manner, with a focus on impactful and strategic partnerships.

Success Stories

"Nancy is a formidable and very approachable person. She possesses a strong vision that can be translated into practical projects."

― Willem Braat PAL-V

"Nancy is one of the most inspiring speakers we've ever hosted. Her passion for technology is contagious, and her personal story serves as a motivating example for many young women."

― Ingrid Hoffman, GM ADM

"Nancy's passion and extensive knowledge in the technology and aerospace sector, combined with her reliability and commitment, makes her a truly inspiring person."

― Rudi Cleymans, CEO

Let's Navigate Together

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